TCC Materials®


TCC Materials® Portland Cement - Type III

Designed for use in a variety of applications, TCC Portland Type III Cements (BOM #100722) are manufactured to meet virtually any construction challenge and meets all requirements as outlined in ASTM C150. Portland Type III Cements provides high early strength and are ideally suited for a variety of concrete construction applications. ...SEE MORE


Type S Dolomitic Hydrated Masonry Lime (BOM #101062) meets ASTM C207 and is available in 50 lb. bags. For more information on our lime, please contact your sales representative.

TCC Materials® Silica Sand (4030) - Fine #40

TCC Silica Sand (Granusil 4030) is used for structural components in floor overlays, sports turf, and finish coat stucco. It has a consistently uniform shape, has excellent compaction & mechanical properties, and is resistant in high-traffic applications. Granusil #4030 Fine #40 is available in 50 lb. bags (BOM #100365).

TCC Materials® Iowa DOT Concrete Patch Mix

TCC Materials® Iowa DOT Concrete Patch Mix (BOM #104912) is a low-slump concrete primarily used for bridge deck overlays and concrete pavements. Produces a high-strength concrete repair material that is extremely durable and works well in harsh environments. Use for both full-depth and partial-depth applications.

TCC Materials® Corefill Masonry Grout

TCC Materials® Corefill Masonry Grout (BOM #103501) is used to fill reinforced bond beams, to bond adjacent masonry units together, to bond steel reinforcement in the cores of masonry units and for filling masonry voids. Core Fill Masonry Grout is formulated for superior flow to fill masonry voids while meeting ...SEE MORE

Plus5 Athletic Line Marker

IMERYS Plus5 Athletic Field Tape (BOM #101145) is good for turf, harmless to skin and clothing, produces a whiter line, is easy to apply, and is preferred by coaches & groundskeepers. Plus5 complies with the “Safe Use” requirements of the Consumer Safety Act, Public Law 92-573. Additionally, it complies with ...SEE MORE

Lehigh White Portland Cement - Type I

Lehigh White Type I (BOM #100371) meets ASTM C150 Standard Specification for Portland Cement. Uses: precast and prestressed architectural concrete, cast-in-place architectural and structural concrete, architectural concrete masonry, swimming pools and spas, colored mortars, ornamental statuary, reflective floors, floor tiles ...SEE MORE